"Its daring and poetic use of the filmic medium is impressive - and it is compelling how the director creates a powerful audiovisual experience, which I believe is one of the crucial characteristics and marks the experimental potential of the short film format. The film does more than just tell a story: it examines the relation between the body and the mind, whilst being provocative in an almost distressing and yet beautiful manner.
Working with striking images and a strong sound scape, it successfully addresses the power of the physical body, exploring how it can be used as a gateway to access our most inner lanscapes. This is an important subject that needs to be raised in our externally oriented society - and, furthermore, raises questions about healing, responsibility, sensibility... in relation to one's self as well as to others.
The film takes you on an intense ride of being human, in a way that is partially almost unbearable to keep watching, and through this becomes meaningfully challenging, leaving you exhausted, disturbed and touched... in due respect to the journey into the abyss of the psyche. Thank you for this film."

an interplay between Cinema , Dance and Transpersonal somatic work.

Director, Editor: Johan Planefeldt
Choreographer, A.director, Co editor : Shiran Eliaserov
Metaphysical coherence and Actor: Andreas Demmel

2017 Winner of "Best short" at Boddinale film festival Berlin,
2016, 2019 winner of "The pearl artist prise" for dance film, POOL 16,19 Berlin