Sculpture in Motion: Movement research classes

Sculpture in Motion : movement reserach 
In the class we will learn how to integrate somatic practices into the personal experience of the mover as a technical tool as well as a creative resource. Through the given tasks the mover is encouraged to explore their deeper layer of their kinaesthetic impulses and intuition.

The focus is to release old patterns and paradigms in order to achieve freedom while moving, discover new pathways while in motion. The outcome is a body which is in constant transformation. We observe ourselves and aim to discover our individual fascination in this constant flow.

The class uses guided imagery in the frame of “impossible improvisation tasks” in order to open the sensorial reactions to the surroundings. This exploration allows one to be driven from their sub-conscience and connect to their deeper source while experiencing various physical and emotional states in an active-meditative manner. Additionally, the class includes hands-on partner studies combined with dynamic collective tasks.

My method of teaching is inspired by a combination of my own choreography and video work and work along with the techniques and knowledge of: Release technique, Axis syllabus, Contact Improvisation, Authentic movement, BMC, Yoga, and Floor work.

Improvisation scores 
In the class the students are introduced to a line of improvisation scores that has been developed in my choreographic practice. The aim of these scores are to expand our awareness to the individual and collective impulses while improvising. To Explore the mover relationship between performing and instant composing simultaneously.

Each score is designed with a different focus such as:
Sensorial Drive - focuses the performers attention on their presence.
Sculptures in the Valley - construction and deconstruction of a movement, from abstract thinking into creating a narrative.
The Time Machine - How do we relate to Time?
3D Universe - Creating spaces through imaginary 3D glasses to explore spatial relations of the body to its surroundings.
The Primal Escape - Finding the inner instinctive pulse, stimulating until total embodiment, from the individual experiment to a dynamic force of a group experience.
The Site and the Specific - exploring outside the neutralised surrounding of the studio.
Soundscape journey - embodying fiction through and auditory stimulation.

From Semiotic to Somatic : workshop 
A Rope is a mean of survival to mankind, as in the individual scale, the social structuration or even as to the species. The rope is being used for “gathering” but also becomes a separating tool, a limiting instrument, limiting movements, transforming one’s liberty. Possessing.
It became the synonym of human intelligence as to make a difference between Man and Animal and then from Man to Man.

In the past this relationship underlined a complex network of dangers, accidents, and obligations to all humans in natural and hostile surroundings. Today the need of survival is decontextualized from its origin and is creating an hyperspace for explorations inspired by a long dated trans-generational heritage.

The workshop is inspired by Eliaserov's latest projects: Beyond Control and Beyond Constructed Remains. In this choreographic process and writings her focus was on how ones could transform the experience and perception of symbols and signs in her choreographic practice.
One of the main questions leading the research was to portray how does power condenses in a material like the rope, including it’s relational and connecting aspects.

In the workshop the participants will highlight the Transitional zones, the in-between spaces of simulated situation and embodied acts. This transitioning is creating a new aesthetics that moves between the semiotic and the phenomenological body, the aesthetics of searching for an origin, that questions “authenticity”, that discovers the “controlled”, the “unleashed”, of what is beyond the controlled.

- Language: English
- Level: open to all levels

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