• We are thrilled to announce that IMPACT Opera, by Shiran Eliaserov & Amir Shpilman, will premiere on June 28, 2024, at New Opera Days Ostrava. This innovative production redefines the operatic experience, blending live film stunts, vocal soloist, stuntwomen, riggers-performers, orchestra, a 24-voice choir, and live electronics. for tickets click Here 

  • Shiran Eliaserov Embarks on Anthropological Research Journey in Japan.

    In June 2023, acclaimed choreographer Shiran Eliaserov, alongside esteemed dramaturg Valentin Schemhl, will embark on an exhilarating journey to Japan for an upcoming anthropological research project focused on rope practices and traditions. This immersive exploration aims to delve into the cultural significance and contemporary usage of ropes, offering a unique perspective on this traditional art form.

  • Premiere of "IMPACT" at Tanzhalle Berlin Showcases interdisciplinary collaboration 

    Choreographer Shiran Eliaserov, composer Amir Shpilman, and dramaturg Louis Geisler are set to captivate audiences with their collaborative piece, "IMPACT." On February 18, 2023, Tanzhalle Berlin becomes the stage for this highly anticipated premiere. Invited to be immersed in a sensory journey as stuntcraft, music, and narrative seamlessly intertwine.

  • Exciting Collaboration with Director and Video Artist Omer Fast

    Director and video artist Omer Fast has extended an invitation to Shiran Eliaserov for a thrilling collaboration on his latest film, "Abendland." This unique meeting promises to bring together their distinct artistic visions,  exploring new realms of visual storytelling.

  • We are thrilled to announce that Shiran Eliaserov has been invited to collaborate in "Garage Sale," a  video installation by video artist and director, Omer Fast.

  • Holytropic Films is invited to present a selection of works on the 2nd of October in the Juedische Woche Dresden, you are welcome to join us for an exciting screening! for more info

  • Shiran Eliaserov is invited to premier her new work "She'eriot Muvnot" in the frame of Diver Festival for contemporary dance in Tel Aviv between the 12th - 16th of October.

  • Shiran Eliaserov is invited together with composer Amir Shpilman to present their upcoming performative installation "Inversion of a future"  at the Ural industrial Biennale for Contemporary art in Russia 2021

  • Shiran Eliaserov is invited to collaborate with the video artist Omer Fast on his new installation “Beckmann’s rope” for the Pinakothek der Moderne, January 2021. 

  • Shiran Eliaserov has recived the support of Mifal Ha Pais Council of the culture and arts to create her upcoming new work in Israel in 2021. 

  • We are happy to announce that Shiran Eliaserov is one of the selected choreographers of DOCK11 Co-production artists in 2020.